• About Us

    Listex is a content service provider and an open catalogue of products for retailers, suppliers, distributors, and consumers.


    Listex provides accurate product characteristics to all participants in the supply chain to reduce the time spent on data entry, cut costs caused by information inconsistencies, and increase online sales.

    If you want to:

    • sell more products on Walmart.com and in other online retailers;
    • cut time spent on manual data entry;
    • cut costs caused by data inconsistencies; 
    • cut costs caused by the difficulty of sharing data throughout the supply chain…


    We work with:






  • We offer solution for:

    Suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors:

    • keep the product data relevant throughout the supply chain;
    • save resources on preparing data for different partners and needs - store complete information about a product in one place;
    • present goods on the Internet for consumers;
    • unify processes.

    Retail networks:

    • reduce the cost of correcting errors of irrelevant data;
    • reduce seller non-delivery and lack of goods on the shelf;
    • correct construction of planograms;
    • ability to quickly present product information to consumers.

    Logistic and transport companies:

    • accurate and relevant VGH of goods and transport;
    • packaging;
    • optimization of storage space;
    • optimization of traffic.


    • save resources on preparing data for different partners and needs - store complete information about a product in one place;
    • keep product data relevant and updated automatically;
    • unify processes.
  • What We Offer

    We believe in digital future where each consumer, retailer, and supplier is able to get comprehensive information about any product online. This information enables parties to make informed decisions about procurement and buying, and therefore significantly speeds up the process of transferring goods from producer to consumer through the supply chain.


    Therefore, we provide services such as

  • Our Process

    Stage 1

    We take pictures and measurements (on-site)

    • At the beginning of the SKU lifecycle, we expect to get a sample of the product (trade unit, logistic unit, show-box, multipack, etc.) and take professional photos and measurements.
    • Alternatively, we can use photos and measurements provided by brand owners (in case they meet quality requirements).
    • All input data goes through our quality assurance.
    • After product data is verified, it gets published to the Listex catalogue.

    Our photographers have an average capacity of 150-250 SKU/day.

    Stage 2

    We retouch and improve product images (off-site).

    • Our photo editors process the images to improve color balance, contrast, brightness, geometry correctness, perspective, etc. 
    • After image processing, two other employees from the retoucher team approve images (as the first step check) and publish them (as a second step check). 
    • The average capacity of a retoucher on our team is 100-150 SKU per day (8 hours).
    • It should be noted that if the supplier has their own high-quality content, we can use it instead.

    Stage 3

    We attribute products (off-site).

    • Our system can handle relations of any number of products to any number of categories in any number of category trees. We maintain (whenever it’s possible) category trees for all users of our system (retailer, supplier and others).
    • Our content managers describe products by assigning attribute-value pairs for the current product depending on its relations to products categories (as well as belonging to product families and attribute models). 
    • Wherever it is suitable, we use OCR and AI algorithms to capture attribute values, but all such auto-generated content (as well as human-generated content) is going to the moderation pool. Each update in a moderation pool is checked and approved by another moderator. 
    • Finally, a third content manager with a “super-moderator” role publishes all updates. 
    • Through this process of checks and balances, moderators and super moderators are alerted when there are inconsistencies in product data (for example, when the weight of a trade unit multiplied by the number of items in the box is more than the weight of the logistic unit). 
    • Finally, when the product record has all predefined images, measures (optional), and described with all predefined attribute-value pairs, it can be posted to XML-feed via client’s API and such data will be transferred to client’s systems.
  • Our Stats

    We develop and maintain an environment where brand owners, on one hand, and retailers, on the other hand, create, manage and exchange CPG digital assets.

    5 000+

    manufacturers, importers,
    distributors, brands, suppliers we work with

    600 000 SKU

    total assortment

    100 000 attribute

    values added per month
    (3,000 products)

  • How It Works

    Our company has a unique self-developed and market-tested methodology of content creation that we run on our own solution called the Listex Software Engine. Our content capturing and enrichment process is described below:



    Receive the list of goods from the supplier



    Analyze product assortment



    Request product samples to digitize data in our content studio



    Have the suppliers upload qualifying content of their own



    Improve and supplement supplier’s content with images and data that fits Walmart specs



    Listex publishes to Walmart via API